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An ongoing industry response to Covid-19

This page is dedicated to the latest property development and construction news and rollouts relating to Covid-19, as the WCPDF is fully committed to addressing the effects – both during and after the lockdown – that this unprecedented pandemic is having on an industry already in crisis.

Important notices from all three tiers of government  appear in date order immediately below as the WCPDF receives these. All other industry news relating to Covid-19 then follows in the “Media and information” section thereafter. 

Among the private sector initiatives has been the formation of the specially dedicated CONSTRUCTION COVID-19 RAPID RESPONSE TASK TEAM (CC19RRTT), set up originally to lobby government to reopen construction sites and unblock relief measures for the industry. With the successes achieved to date, particularly in terms of collaboration between the many industry  organisations prepared to work together for the common good of the industry, has been the transformation of the CC19RRTT into a more permanent uniting body, the new CONSTRUCTION ALLIANCE SOUTH AFRICA (CASA). To read more about this, please see below.

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Contact information for the relevant  government authorities will appear in the links under each government notice below, while all media enquiries regarding Covid-19’s impact on the industry may be directed to Carola Koblitz on media@wcpdf.org.za or 082 568 1621.


EVOLVING OF THE CC19RRTT INTO THE CONSTRUCTION ALLIANCE SOUTH AFRICAJanuary 2021 – Following the formation of the CC19RRTT in April 2020, South Africa’s construction industry is keeping the momentum going with the evolution of the CC19RRTT into the Construction Alliance South Africa (CASA). The umbrella organisation is made up of 29 professional, contractor, supplier and other industry bodies and was officially launched on 21 January 2021. An original founding member of the CC19RRTT, the WCPDF continues to be part of the alliance.

President of Master Builders South Africa (MBSA) John Matthews has been appointed the Chairperson of CASA. According to Matthews, the alliance was an important step towards uniting the voice of the industry and in facilitating smooth dialogue with government: “The need for unity in the sector cannot be over-emphasized, and because we all have the shared vision of an innovative, competitive and transformed industry, the formation of CASA is a historic and welcome achievement. It is also important as it comes at a crucial time when the industry is in engagements with the Presidency on the roll out of Strategic Integrated Infrastructure Projects to revive the economy.”

In alphabetical order, the 29 industry bodies which have joined CASA to date are as follows: AAAMSAACHASMACPM, ASAQS, ASPASA, BBCBE, CESA, CIOBCBA, CMACMFCox Yeats Attorneys, ILASA, MBSA, NCI, NSPI, SAACPPSAARDASABTACO, SAGI, SAGICSAIA, SAIBPPSAICE, SAPMASAPOA, SAWIC & BE, TCI, and the WCPDF, with Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal as the convenor.


21 January 2021 –Construction industry units to form a national umbrella body

ESTABLISHMENT OF THE CONSTRUCTION COVID-19 RAPID RESPONSE TASK TEAM (CC19RRTT): April 2020 – The establishment of the CC19RRTT has seen the WCPDF proudly incorporated into a national group that has grown to include a further 35 key industry entities. In alphabetical order these are AAAMSAACHASMACPM, ASAQS, ASPASA, BBCBE, BuildersCBECESA, CIOBClay Brick Association of South Africa, CMACMFCox Yeats Attorneys, FEMILASA, Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal (convenor), MBSA, NCI, NSPI, SAACPPSAARDASABTACO, SAGI, SAGICSAIA, SAIBPPSAICE, SAPMASAPOA, SAPPMASAWIC & BE and TCI.

As per an interview on Cape Talk with Master Builders South Africa chairperson and spokesperson for the task team, John Matthews, this grouping aims to collectively unblock relief measures for the industry in order for it to remain sustainable and help it navigate its way through Covid-19. It is being formed at a time of current industry challenges, against the backdrop of an already ailing construction industry – now exacerbated by Covid-19 – to call for serious interventions by all stakeholders in the industry.

The task team’s key issues are:

  • Identifying opportunities where the property development and construction sector can assist in the national disaster and relief efforts on both a volunteer and professional basis
  • Interpretation of Regulations during lockdown particularly in light of the absence of clear reference to the construction industry
  • Exploration of relief measures specific to the sector
  • Supporting emergency procurement for the next 12 months
  • Discussion of interventions for the recovery of the industry
  • As part of this recovery, engaging government on the commitment to pay service providers within 30 days
  • Partnering with government to ensure effective and integrated rollout of infrastructure projects, and
  • Partnering with private sector in infrastructure development.

As a result of continual lobbying by this group and others, on Sunday 24 May 2020, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the reopening of the construction industry on 1 June 2020, to coincide with South Africa moving to Lockdown Level 3. 

In addition to the short term reopening of the industry, the CC19RRTT has also presented Minister Patricia de Lille (National Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure) with a proposed Medium Term Plan for the Activation of the Industry Post Covid-19 Lockdown. The plan also contains reference to the WCPDF’s own Property Development Process Model produced in association with the Urban Real Estate Research Unit at the University of Cape Town.


25 May 2020 – Construction Sector welcomes easing of lockdown under Level 3

19 April 2020 – Call for the designation of construction sector as essential service


4 JUNE 2020- CONSOLIDATED COVID-19 DIRECTION ON HEALTH & SAFETY IN THE WORKPLACE as released by the Minister of Employment and Labour. Click here.


28 May 2020 – DISASTER MANAGEMENT ACT (57/2002): DETERMINATION OF ALERT LEVELS AND HOTSPOTS as released by the Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs. Click here.

1 MAY 2020 – PERMITTED EIA AND RELATED LICENSING SERVICES AND PERMITTED SUPPORTING PROFESSIONAL SERVICES DURING COVID-19 LOCKDOWN ALERT LEVEL 4: The latest update available, as published by the office of Piet van Zyl, Head of Department, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, Western Cape Government and in terms of the above heading, can be accessed here.

29 APRIL 2020 – COVID-19 OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY MEASURES IN THE WORKPLACE as released by the Department of Employment and Labour. Click here.

2 APRIL 2020 – IMPORTANT UPDATE TO EXTENSION OF ALL TIMEFAMES REGARDING NEMA AND EIA REGULATIONS: On 27 March, the WCPDF informed members that Minister Anton Bredell – Western Cape Provincial Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning – issued his decision to extend all timeframes regarding NEMA and EIA regulations, for actions and processes affected by the 21-day lockdown, by two months effective from 27 March to 26 May 2020. Please note that this decision has been withdrawn in light of a new directive issued by the Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Environment in terms of Regulation 10(8) of the Regulations governing the Disaster Management Act. The new national directive, which has been gazetted, extends the timeframe indefinitely until the end of the lockdown, and makes provision to include any extensions of the lockdown that may occur. To see Min Bredell’s withdrawl notice, also containing contact information, please click here. To see the new directive as gazetted, please click here.

27 MARCH 2020 – CITY OF CAPE TOWN WILL CONTINUE RECEIVING AND ASSESSING DEVELOPMENT APPLICATIONS DURING LOCKDOWN:  Alderman Marian Nieuwoudt – Mayorial Committee Member for Spatial Planning and Environment – released a statement confirming that the City’s Development Management Department will be assessing applications and writing reports from home during the three-week Covid-19 lockdown, but that resources are limited and unforeseen challenges may have an impact on turnaround. All building plans, as well as development and land use applications, should continue to be submitted via the City’s e-Services platform. It was also noted that the Municipal Planning Tribunal (MPT) will not be able to meet during this time and, therefore, no decisions will be made by the MPT until after lockdown has ended. The full statement in this regard as issued by Alderman Nieuwoudt can be accessed here.

26 MARCH 2020 – Please note the following notification has been replaced by that of 2 April above – EXTENSION OF ALL TIMEFRAMES REGARDING NEMA AND EIA REGULATIONS EFFECTIVE 27 MARCH TO 26 MAY 2020: Minister Anton Bredell – Western Cape Provincial Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning – has, in terms of Section 47C of NEMA, extended all timeframes regarding NEMA and EIA regulations, for actions and processes affected by the 21-day lockdown period, by two months effective from 27 March to 26 May 2020. The full circular in this regard as issued by Minister Bredell can be accessed here. The full protocol for the administration of EIA, AEL, WML and Section 24G applications and related formal enquiries/requests in the Western Cape during the 21-day lockdown can be accessed here.


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