Western Cape Property Development Forum (WCPDF)

Improving the property development and construction sector environment since 2008

The Western Cape Property Development Forum (WCPDF) is a registered non-profit organisation (246-760 NPO). It was founded in 2008 to create awareness, address the challenges that face the property development and construction industry and to be the collective voice of the industry in the Western Cape. We focus on the full production line of private and public property projects and associated infrastructure provision.

We actively engage and lobby politicians and government representatives and provide detailed input, guidance and feedback on draft legislation and policy. We make the public sector aware of the ramifications that decision-making processes and service delivery have on property development and construction and, in turn, the economy and most importantly jobs. And while the industry is always impacted by national legislation, the most critical development issues tend to occur at ground level, and therefore our emphasis is regional. Property is produced at municipal level.

Our key focus areas:
  • To be a representative body for the property development and construction industry in the Western Cape that is recognised by relevant authorities, especially in terms of the vital role that the industry plays in the province’s economy through investment and job creation.
  • To promote the interests of the property development and construction industry.
  • To interpret and facilitate understanding between the authorities and the industry.
  • To inform our membership of changes in legislation and policies.
  • To create a public profile and understanding of our industry towards making the greater Western Cape sensitive to the need for property development.
  • To actively engage in the education and transformation of our industry.

As a voluntary organisation WCPDF membership is open to property developers and property development-related professionals.

Strategic alliances and associations

Representing the full spectrum of the property development and construction sectors, the Forum strives to create an enabling environment for investment. The Forum continues to seek membership from the broadest spectrum of property role players and representative bodies from various professions to allow the industry to speak with a united voice. The Forum prides itself on our association with various professional bodies, many of whom are represented on the Forum’s Management Committee.