Western Cape Property Development Forum (WCPDF)

Inclusionary Housing

The City of Cape Town recently announced the drafting of a policy on inclusionary housing that will result in private developers being asked to contribute in some form to the provision of affordable housing in the metropole. To this end, the WCPDF has participated in numerous workshops – the first hosted on 20 September 2018 at which the industry was able to present its position to the City of Cape Town, and agree in principle to the technical input that the industry would give towards the drafting of the policy. Below are the highlights from each presentation delivered at this workshop, together with a reportback on the workshop itself. A second workshop was held on 8 October 2018, with the City of Cape Town, and documents referring to this also appear below.

Since then, there have been various ongoing engagements with both civil society as well as representatives from the City of Cape Town, and regular reports on these engagements can be found in our monthly newsletters. Subscribe here (for the newsletter) to be kept up to date on new developments as they occur. To participate in future workshops, crucial to the future policy formation and the role of the private sector therein, please consider joining the WCPDF as a member.

The WCPDF is also regularly approached by the press for comment on the formation of this policy. To see this comment, please click on the following articles from the past year which have appeared in the media:

13 November 2019: Inclusonary housing policy must make business sense to development & construction industries.

09 September 2019: Lack of vision is Cape Town’s biggest stumbling block.

05 August 2019: City of Cape Town cancels RFP for Woodstock/Salt River Inclusionary Housing Project.

Workshop 1: Thursday, 20 September 2018

Workshop 2: Monday 8 October 2018